Friday, October 22, 2010

The Lord Raises and the Lord Razes...

Of Course, I don't really think that is true. God does not play with our lives like that. What God would be so cruel?

I had so much to write about today. Today was the last day of the quarter; I was going to write about that. Today I went to a forum about the emergent church; I have a lot to write about that. Today for the first time ever at VTS we had an Anglo-Catholic High Mass; I could have written about that. I had a lot of things to write on today, but no, those things will have to wait.

Today the Virginia Theological Seminary Chapel burned to the ground. This was an historic chapel, over 100 years old. And we watched helplessly as smoke billowed out of the church, as the roof caved in, as the windows cracked and crumbled. We don't know what caused it, and it doesn't matter.

As we all sat together in Scott Lounge praying and singing, for the first time ever I truly felt like I was living in communion. So the question is not, why did this happen? But why does it take something like this to truly bring us together?


  1. The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost, Faith, Hope and Love! These tragic things for me personally not at first but after the dust settles, makes me stronger in my faith and my love for our Lord and fellow persons....

  2. Oh no... how did it happen? Was everyone alright?

    I agree, "why does it take something like this to bring people together" is the real question.