Friday, August 13, 2010

Not Loku, but...

"Oral Interpretation of Scripture", this is the class where we learn to read out loud. Good idea, right? If we're going to be priests interpreting scripture orally is a good skill to have. So I totally get the need for, and purpose of, the class. Here's the thing, I got a lot of this stuff in acting school. Picture your first year acting classes; do you remember all of those exercises and games they made you do to help your breathing and technique? Well, imagine doing those exercises but with bible verses as your text. Sounds cheesy, right? Anyway, next week we start reading in small groups so we can get some legitimate criticism.

So I get the point of the exercises and the reading we have to do, but what I don't understand is the poetry assignment. This weekend we have to write two poems; one haiku, one cinquain. These poems each had to be based on a different bible story, and we have to memorize them. I guess I kind of get the point. We will probably have to perform the poems, and if we can write a poem and perform it then we can perform anything, right?

Well, I actually wrote two of each. Surprisingly it was kind of fun. I think the bible stories are pretty straight forward, but if you can't figure it out let me know.

The Haikus

I. Girl dancing with veils
is all fun and games till some-
one loses his head.

II. God bets with Satan
making good man wish he was
a little less good.

The Cinquains

I. Mary
Sorrowful, weeping,
tomb is empty
he calls her name

II. Daughter
Rejoicing, dancing,
greets her father.
she mourns her virginity.

I preferred writing the Haikus because the form lends itself to humor in a way that the Cinquain doesn't.

Now I have to choose which ones to memorize and practice performing.


  1. I like this assignment! I think you should do Haiku #2, but read it like you are actually Japanese.

  2. I agree with Bronwyn however I vote for Haiku #1. Although it will probably result in you having to attend another day of Multicultural Competency Training.

  3. Ha. Brilliant. Love Haiku #2 especially.